Alive Leadership; How Neural Markers, Emotions & Relationships affect Decision Making
Alive Leadership; How Neural Markers, Emotions & Relationships affect Decision Making

Alive Leadership: How Neural Markers, Emotions & Relationships affect Decision Making

with Gurusangat Kaur PhD, MD

Friday August 27th at 9 AM -11:00 EDT

Replay available one week after Live Zoom

Are you a leader, boss or employee ? Do you want to access the potential of each employee you work with? If you are an employee do you long to feel connected at your workplace and come out from the oppression of “top down” management structures? Companies cannot thrive when top down or vertical management is in place. The “best” of who people are simply cannot emerge in this environment and organizations suffer at the loss of  their best asset; the humans that drive the organizations purpose! This course will empower you to understand circular leadership models! In this ever changing and challenging world, learn how to lead yourself and your teams in a functional way, along with an innovative and human approach to decision making and communication under conflict.

General Concepts this Course will Cover

1- Understanding the difference between Vertical, Horizontal and Circular Leadership models.

2- Use of soft skills in conflict solving 

3- Understanding in depth the process of decision making which involves the brain, emotions and relationships

4- Understanding the play of feminine and masculine in conflict dynamics

What does this class include

  • Live online class with Gurusangat Kaur, renowned international yoga teacher

  • Take your time to watch the material at your own pace if you cannot make the live class

  • Q & A dialogue time with Gurusangat & community

  • Specific techniques / meditations for business success for all levels

  • PDF of course materials

  • Homework and self study processes

Alive Leadership; How Neural Markers, Emotions & Relationships affect Decision Making - 
$ 54.00

A course for all leaders, bosses AND managers. How to bring to life the hidden resources in your organization through truly empowering your employee base? What is the next type of leadership that moves beyond palliative "support" for employees and truly engages the WHOLE human person who serves your organization? When we engage in thoughtful ALIVE leadership that is circular in nature and calls in the full human potential of your employees, companies truly grow.

Instructor Bio

Dr. Gurusangat Kaur PhD is a KRI Lead Mentor, with a degree in Medicine and a Ph.D. in Epidemiology from FU-Berlin University. She also has a Master's in Philosophy of Education. She leads courses worldwide in Alive Leadership and her passion is making business a tool for equity, inclusion, and peace. 

Join us and bring your beginner's mind. There is always more learning, always more gratitude, always ways to open up and renew the spirit of leadership inside this vastness of the human heart & experience. We look forward to connecting with you online.